Hey there, Bennington residents! We know that living in a place as beautiful as Bennington comes with its own set of high standards. So, let’s talk about your garage. Is it living up to the beauty and elegance that surround you? If not, don’t fret because Platinum Garage Solutions is here to bring a touch of brilliance to your Bennington garage and revolutionize the way you experience storage!

Imagine this: A Bennington garage that perfectly complements the picturesque beauty of your surroundings. No more clutter, no more disarray. Instead, picture a garage that’s as stunning as the landscapes you admire every day. It’s time to turn that vision into a reality with Platinum Garage Solutions!

We understand the unique challenges that come with¬†organizing a garage in Bennington. You want a space that not only functions flawlessly but also harmonizes with the natural beauty that surrounds your community. That’s where we come in, ready to unlock the true potential of your Bennington garage.


Garage Shelving

Let’s start with our revolutionary garage shelving solutions. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find your tools amidst a sea of chaos. Our sturdy and versatile shelving systems will transform your Bennington garage into a haven of organization. Imagine everything neatly displayed and within reach, allowing you to effortlessly maintain order while showcasing your collection of tools and equipment. It’s like having a perfectly curated gallery that reflects your unique style and precision.

Garage Cabinets

But we’re not done yet. Our garage cabinets will take your Bennington garage to a whole new level of sophistication. No more settling for subpar storage solutions that detract from the beauty of your space. Our customizable cabinets are designed to harmonize with your surroundings, offering both functionality and elegance. It’s like adding a touch of class to your garage, creating a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetics.

Garage Slatwall

Now, let’s talk about our game-changing garage slatwall systems. This is where beauty meets organization. Say goodbye to cluttered walls and hello to a visually stunning storage solution. Our customizable slatwall allows you to hang your items with precision, showcasing your tools and equipment like works of art. It’s time to elevate your Bennington garage to new heights and transform it into a space that’s as visually pleasing as the landscapes that surround you.

Garage Flooring

And here’s the grand finale: our premium garage flooring options. Prepare to step onto a surface that’s not only durable but also adds a touch of elegance to your Bennington garage. Our floor coatings and tiles will give your garage a luxurious makeover, ensuring that every step you take is as breathtaking as the scenery that graces your community.

Bennington residents, it’s time to embrace the beauty that surrounds you and extend it to your garage. Don’t settle for ordinary storage solutions when you can have extraordinary ones. Contact Platinum Garage Solutions today for a free consultation, and together, let’s transform your Bennington garage into a reflection of the stunning landscapes that inspire you. Get ready to experience the Platinum Garage Solutions difference and unlock the true potential of your garage in the most beautiful way imaginable!



We could not be happier with our new garage floor and wonderful garage cabinets. Jeff (Garage Floor Solutions) Kevin and Braxton (garage cabinetry) could not have been better to deal with. They were prompt, professional and courteous and have a great product. We would recommend them highly. Tom and Mary

Mary Maui

We absolutely love our Monkey Bar System! The owner / installer was very friendly and courteous! Our garage turned out really nice after the install. We will definitely use this company again if we need more storage areas for our current home or for our next house.

Quo Life

Rick was great to work with all the way from the estimating process to designing and to completion. We are very happy with our garage storage, Rick installed and organized everything. Great communication about time line and follow up calls to confirm appointment. We definitely recommend his services!

Lisa M

Kevin is a stand-up small business owner whose recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. His ability to stay friendly and even-keel even when I was being very particular, says a lot about his pride in craftsmanship. I'm greatly appreciative of his flexibility and attention to detail to meet my expectations/needs. The storage solution he installs is best-of-class and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Thank you Kevin and Braxton!

Rob Kresha

Rick and Kevin were great to work with. Honest guys and great work. Very happy with results. Highly recommend. Our garage and us couldn't be happier. Great communication and very prompt. Kevin hung everything imaginable. So awesome.

Lynece Moore

Outstanding service and the quality of the their work is top notch. My garage looks great and functions just like I was hoping for. Kevin and Braxton were great to work with and I would highly recommend using them.

Kirk Meyer

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